The Birth of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Celebration

The Birth of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Celebration
By M Daud Yahya

Blessed month of Rabi’ul Awal is upon us. Congratulation for all Muslims. It’s the month when our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh/peace be upon Him) was born.The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the last and greatest of all the Prophets. May Allah increase our love for our Prophet. Aameen.

The commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a form of religion culture, that no command and no prohibition, injunction done during no shirk, element not contrary to urf syar’i, not contrary to the common bormat of nash of the quran and hadith.

Why a commemoration became necessary? As humans anyone ever wrong, sure not escaped from mistakes, for human resources have subconscious, sometimes that can make human remiss. So that, be necessary a commemoration, in order the neglects,the mistakes, could increase to be realized in nature, growing self-awareness, self critically consciousness, even there, increased to the highest human consciousness as “fitrah ilaahiyyah”.

In history, before Muhammad was chosen by God as a Prophet, he was known as the most trustworthy and honest person, and because he never behaved treacherously, or cheated he was known among his people as al- ameen (the trustworthy). People would entrust him with their valuables when they wanted to travel. He was also known as as-Sadiq (the truthful).

At the age of forty, the Prophet (pbuh) received divine revelation while at that cave, as A’ishah (may God be pleased with her), explains: The first thing that God’s Messenger received while in the Cave of Hira Makkah were good visions (as revelations in dreams). Every time he had a dream it would come true and as clear as the split of the dawn. While he was in the cave of Hira the Angel Gabriel came to him and commanded to read.

It’s known that the recognition of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’ success not only by the scientists Islamic scholar, but also by some people scientists western scholar ( although there were also scientists western scholar not sympathetic, pitched refuse even prophetic). Indicator used, that the Prophet (pbuh) not just succeed as a religious leader, but also as a world leader.
The Prophet (pbuh) has the prophetic intelligence.

The commemoration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) indeed not only a ceremonial, extravagance, less impact on social, social justice, economy, education, etc. Not only contains glory shalawat alone ( although it is also necessary because there were Allah’s commandments), but also how we can take the spirit of battle, exemplary, teachings application, as threads history, apostolical mission continuity of makaarimal akhlaak and rahmatan lil ‘aalamiin.

The Muslims of the early days although limited in number, had very strong faith and belief in Allah and His Prophet (pbuh). They maintained this faith, regaradless of the consequences. The Muslims were always united under the leadership of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). The Muslims displayed the most amazing qualities of courage, discipline and patience in the face of this persecution.

Hopefully we can get hints and guidances, according to appropriate capacity of ourselves, aameen. Although imperfect, perhaps hard impossible perfect, but at least the thing most importance that’s we have spirit. Aameen Yaa Rabbal ‘Aalamiin. Wa Allaahu A’lam.

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